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COP27 calls for accelerated action

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Global emissions continue to rise and predictions are showing a path towards a heating of 2.5 degree Celsius instead of set-target 1.5 at the century shift. While the latter remains a vision, it’s importance is non the less crucial towards reaching a declining trend. COP27 calls for an increased collaboration, especially targeted towards including non state actors in hopes of improving innovation.

Fossil free fuels will be a major game changer in aiding progress, but there are actions that can be taken today, with existing technology, that depends much less on radical or transformational innovation and focuses on incremental solutions by finding a way to share knowledge and data to enable a meaningful acceleration of the industry’s decarbonisation ambitions. Increased transparency and adoption of a collaborative growth mindset between all industry actors holds immense potential. Decentralizing parts of the organizational chain will improve agility and responsibility, but requires the right tools in place to make sure everything remains stable and efficiently operational.

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