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Turn Operations In To Data

User Friendly and Cost Efficient

The standard documentation practice for log books which are legally required and policy dependent checklists is surprisingly still with pen and paper on a majority of ships. Not only does this inherently come with a lot of practical downsides, but a loss of utilizing said data could become invaluable for organizational strategy.

Unsatisfying and suboptimal documentation practices leads to crews having unnecessary administrational overhead work with a loop of printing and filing lists, that often have to be stored for up to 3 years. Heaps and heaps of paper further puts a completely avoidable environmental strain which can only be explained by an ignorant or lazy mindset. Meanwhile, these documents are of utmost importance as a missing entry, or even worse, a missing list, could be charged with hundreds of thousands of euros in fees. Without any backups available and a lack in trackability and transparency, organizations are really taking on large unnecessary risks for minimal gain.

This is why we created the FM8 DigiDoc, the most comprehensive, user friendly and cost efficient digital documentation software available on the market. DigiDoc is a highly flexible system which works just as fine stand alone as it does when integrated and adapted to any organization or industry by leveraging IoT. Onboard, it can of course connect directly to ship instruments for automatic entries. In Ports, it’s compatible or can be extended with relevant sensors for more precise data. This data is further processed through our AI models to generate market leading predictions and calculations which gives organizations a new valuable data stream.

Nautical Logbook

  • Replaces the phyiscal logbook entirely.
  • Take advantage of user input as well as sensory input.
  • Cloud functions.
  • IMO-X compatible.

Fleet Manager

FM8 DigiDoc including logbooks and checklists. Leverage ship specific data for organizational gains and increased transparency.


Next level performance analysis and risk assessment through collected metrics. SMART effects with the FM8 platform as a regulatory instrument on shore and on board.

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